Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

How to Fix Severe Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

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Upon cooking up a feast, pots and pans fresh from the oven may be accidentally placed on the laminate countertop. Unsightly burn marks will be the inevitable result. Surface burns can be easily fixed, but deeper ones require extra physical effort. Here’s how to fix burn marks on laminate countertops.

Setting a scorching pan on a laminate countertop will burn or discolor its surface. Homeowners need not fret about this common predicament since it happens frequently. Fortunately, repairs can eliminate the burn marks, scuff marks, or scratches, especially when they are light.

Why are laminate countertops susceptible to burn marks?

The desire for laminate materials in the kitchen exploded in the 1990s. Laminate materials are those that feature a paper core sandwiched between layers of plastic film. Laminate countertops are designed to mimic the look of natural materials, like granite, marble, and wood.

Laminate materials, including kitchen countertops, have virtually no capability to resist heat. The plastic components are most susceptible to damage after contact with high heat. Permanent damage can occur with temperatures as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the amount of heat in a cup of coffee.

Due to having little to no heat resistance, laminate countertops in the kitchen should be handled with care. Never place a hot pan directly on the countertop surface. Instead, lay the heated pan on a hot pad or trivet, which serves as a barrier between the pan and countertop.

Homeowners who accidentally lay a hot pan on a laminate countertop can expect to see a burn. Depending on the severity of the burn, it can be repaired with readily available household staples. A deep burn may require replacing the countertop material or covering up the burn.

How are light burn marks fixed on laminate countertops?

burn marks appear on laminate countertops

Gather the products and cleaning materials needed to try to clean a light burn from the laminate countertop surface. The homeowner will need products commonly found in the home: white toothpaste, soft scrub with bleach, a soft cloth, a scrub brush, warm water, and mild soap.

Clean the entirety of the affected countertop surface with warm water, mild soap, and a rag. Once the countertop is free of grease and grime, cover the burn area with a small amount of white toothpaste. Allow the toothpaste to penetrate the burn for about five minutes.

After the required time has passed, use a clean brush to scrub the burn area. Use elbow grease to continue scrubbing for several minutes and ensure the toothpaste penetrates deep into the burn mark. Finally, wipe the countertop with a clean rag and warm water.

By following the above-mentioned steps, a light burn mark or stain will be effectively removed from the laminate countertop. If the light burn mark persists despite the initial cleaning, repeat the procedure; however, in subsequent attempts, utilize a soft scrub cleaner with bleach.

How are severe burn marks repaired on laminate countertops?

Ways to remove burn marks on laminate countertops

A severe burn mark may not be completely removed using the same technique designed to repair a light burn mark. Fixing deep burn stains requires the following materials: fine grit sandpaper, warm water, a fine bristle brush, and a clean cloth.

Start by cleaning the severely burned surface using the cloth and warm water. Lightly sand the burn stain with the sandpaper. While sanding, apply gentle instead of excessive pressure, as heavy pressure can remove multiple layers from the laminate surface.

While sanding, attempt to remove the outline of the burn. If the burn mark has not penetrated deep into the laminate countertop, the light sanding should effectively lift the stain. Repeat the sanding procedure a few times to successfully remove the burn mark.

Another accessible option to repair a severe burn mark from the laminate countertop is to purchase a handy countertop paint kit. Instead of removing the burn mark, the paint kit hides the unsightly stain. This method is more cost effective than replacing the entire countertop.

Concealing the severe burn mark is yet another way to fix the damaged laminate countertop. Hide the stain by placing 4 to 8 small decorative matching tiles over it; or place one large tile with rubber feet over the burn mark. Alternately, place a large cutting board over the mark.

If none of the above fixes successfully remove or hide the burn marks, the homeowner has the option to remove and replace the entire countertop. Today’s countertop styles resemble marble or stone. Replacing the whole countertop with contemporary materials is essentially a kitchen remodel.

While cleaning, avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners, which can dull the laminate finish. Similarly, do not use rough scrubbing tools, like steel wool, as they will scratch the finish. Avoid using the laminate surface as a cutting board, since cutting into it can slice the laminate and introduce bacteria.

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