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How to Put Out a Gas Fire

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Gas-related fires are not uncommon in US households. Natural gas contributes to more than half of all gas fires in the nation. When confronted with a gas fire, the best method of extinguishment is to smother the flames. Here are steps to put out a manageable gas fire. What causes a gas fire? Gas fires are caused by everyday household …

The boat's engine caught fire.

What to Do If There’s a Fire Onboard Your Boat

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Fires onboard boats are common occurrences. These fires are dangerous, as they can spread quickly in the minimal space. If a fire blazes out of control, the only place for boaters to go is into the water. When a fire erupts onboard the boat, here’s what to do. What are the causes of boat fires? Most fires start in specific …

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How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain with Standing Water

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Dealing with a clogged shower or bath can be quite a nuisance. Standing water not only attracts pests but also leads to various other problems. Understanding the causes of clogged shower drains and knowing how to clear them is crucial. If you find yourself unable to tackle the clog, it’s essential to seek assistance from a professional. They possess the …

Sink Leaking Underneath

Why is My Sink Leaking Underneath?

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A leaky sink can go undetected until the cabinets underneath are opened. A water puddle is a sign that a leak has sprung. Sinks commonly leak underneath due to issues with the drain or plumbing equipment. Homeowners should know the precise cause of the leak so they can fix it. Water shouldn’t be under the kitchen or bathroom sink. But …

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Why Does My Fridge Leak Water from the Inside?

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Summary: A leaking refrigerator can be fixed by following a few simple steps. Cleaning the water dispenser, unblocking the defrost drain, checking the water supply line, inspecting the door seal, examining the ice maker or water dispenser, and replacing the water filter assembly or filter can all help resolve the issue. By addressing these common causes, you can put an …

Water leak on basement concrete floor

How to Clean the Concrete Floor After Basement Flooding

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Basement flooding is common. As the lowest part of the home, the basement is susceptible to heavy rainstorms, sewage backups, and even seepage through the walls. Cleaning the concrete floor after flood damage is important to maintain the basement and the home’s structural integrity. What causes basement flooding? The basement is prone to severe flood damage from a number of …

How to Eliminate Odors from an Old Home

How to Eliminate Odors from an Old Home

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A musty smell can make even a beautiful old home uninviting. That “old house smell” has its source in mold spores. Mold colonies proliferate where poor ventilation, darkness, and humidity meet. Fortunately, homeowners can use these 10 tactics to eliminate unwanted odors. What causes musty odors in old homes? Old homes filled with musty odors have three things in common: …

House Framing Floor Construction Showing Joists Trusses

How to Repair Floor Joists with Water Damage

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Floor joists in a home are vulnerable to water damage. They can rot when excess moisture from the home saturates them or they can weaken over time. Homeowners who encounter floor joists that have undergone minimal water damage should follow these DIY repair tips. What are floor joists? Important structural aspects of a home, floor joists support the subflooring. They …

What Causes Washing Machines to Leak?

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Discovering a leaking washing machine is a moment that many of us have faced. It’s a scene that can send anyone into a whirlwind of questions. Do you find yourself in the same situation, wondering: What’s causing this unexpected flood? Why does my washing machine leak? Is there a way to prevent the leak from re-occurring? In this blog, we’re …