Mold Removal Services for Sunnyvale, CA

Physical Signs of Mold in Your Home

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Finding mold at your home or business can be devastating. Mold forms in moist environments, usually due to a leak or water damage, and it can cause significant property damage. The damage from mold can be very costly to fix and exposure to mold can be dangerous for your health. This is why you should always watch out for signs of mold damage in your home or building and immediately take action to remove any mold growth you find.

home damages from winter storms

How to Protect Your Home from a Winter Storm

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Much of the US is under blankets of snow. Along with accumulations of heavy snowfall are ice dams and powerful wind gusts that can do significant damage to a home. Taking steps to protect the home from winter storms should be at the top of a homeowner’s to-do list. While western states, like California, rarely expect frigid winter storms where …

water damage in the kitchen restored by ServiceMaster

How to Repair Particle Board Cabinets Affected by Water Damage

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Particle board can be found throughout your home as it is commonly used to make kitchen cabinets and lightweight furniture. This material can also become water damaged very easily. When particle board does get water damaged, it swells up and loses its smoothness. How you fix the damaged particle board will depend on the extent of the damage. If the …

Protects Wet Carpeting from Mold

How to Protect Wet Carpeting from Mold

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If you’ve experienced a flood and your carpet has soaked up the water, it can be a very unpleasant experience. Not only will all the carpeting need to be replaced, but it is also important to react immediately to make sure that mold growth does not form and affect the rest of your property. Below are some tips on what you should do if your carpet gets wet, and how you can prevent mold on your property.

Prevent the Clothes in Your Closet from Smelling Musty

How to Prevent the Clothes in Your Closet from Smelling Musty

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Have you been opening your closet door lately to a musty, unpleasant smell? The smell of old clothes that have been left in the same space for too long can be off-putting and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce and eliminate those odors without throwing out all of your favorite apparel pieces. In this post, we will discuss some …

Water Damage from Condensation on AC Vents

How to Respond to Water Damage from Condensation on AC Vents

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Homeownership, while a privilege, comes with its own set of hurdles. Water damage from the AC vents is one of them. While the AC stands between the homeowner and the intense summer heat, it can at times malfunction. Here’s how to respond when water damage occurs from the condensation. Why does the AC cause water leaks from the ceiling? All …

Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

How to Fix Severe Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

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Upon cooking up a feast, pots and pans fresh from the oven may be accidentally placed on the laminate countertop. Unsightly burn marks will be the inevitable result. Surface burns can be easily fixed, but deeper ones require extra physical effort. Here’s how to fix burn marks on laminate countertops. Setting a scorching pan on a laminate countertop will burn …

restaurant's kitchen

Tips for Restaurants to Remove Frying Oil Smoke and Odors

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A thriving restaurant busy preparing sumptuous dishes throughout the day will undoubtedly be overcome by offensive odors. Frying oil smoke, burned meat, and raw seafood are just a few contributors to smelly restaurants. Here are tips to remove unpleasant odors. Not all restaurants have the luxury of opening up their windows year-round. Old Man Winter can force restaurants to keep …

Mold from Windowsills

How to Remove Green Mold from Window Sill

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Windowsills covered in splotches of green mold should be dealt with swiftly. Green mold, and mold in general, is hazardous to health as well as damage to building structures. Here’s how a homeowner can approach the DIY task of removing small growths of pesky green mold from windowsills. What is green mold? Green mold is any species of mold that …