Kitchen Sink Clog

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink that is Full of Water

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If you’ve experienced a clogged sink full of water, you know how much of an inconvenience this can be. When this happens, there is likely a clog somewhere in the sink or pipes that can be difficult to remove. If you’ve used a plunger and maybe even tried to use chemicals to remove the clog with no success, it is …

House Framing Floor Construction Showing Joists Trusses

How to Repair Floor Joists with Water Damage

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Floor joists in a home are vulnerable to water damage. They can rot when excess moisture from the home saturates them or they can weaken over time. Homeowners who encounter floor joists that have undergone minimal water damage should follow these DIY repair tips. What are floor joists? Important structural aspects of a home, floor joists support the subflooring. They …

Water Damage from Condensation on AC Vents

How to Respond to Water Damage from Condensation on AC Vents

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Homeownership, while a privilege, comes with its own set of hurdles. Water damage from the AC vents is one of them. While the AC stands between the homeowner and the intense summer heat, it can at times malfunction. Here’s how to respond when water damage occurs from the condensation. Why does the AC cause water leaks from the ceiling? All …

water heater flooded basement san francisco ca

Water Heater Flooded Basement | What to Do

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A malfunctioning or old water heater can easily leak and cause a basement flood in your home. Know how to respond to a flood in your basement when a water heater breaks or leaks. Actions when water heater flooded basement Drain the Water Heater Tank Just because the water heater is off, doesn’t mean the leaking will stop. There are …

Sewage Backup Cleanup by ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery

How Spring Flooding Can Lead to a Sewage Backup

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After a cold, dark, snowy winter, spring is often a much welcomed season that can be uplifting. The natural world is filled with more life and colors, and the weather tends to be warmer. But the spring season also means an abundance of rain. If your home isn’t properly protected and waterproofed, then the heavy rainfall of spring can easily …

Reacting to Water Damage of Your Hardwood Floor

Reacting to Water Damage of Your Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood flooring adds a pleasing, aesthetic touch to the rooms of a home. Being versatile, hardwood floors complement any home décor style, from country to modern to traditional. One element that hardwood floors do not tolerate, however, is water. Water damage to a hardwood floor leads to lingering problems if left unaddressed. The damage may be slight, such as minor …