Wildfire threatens a house

Wildfire Forest Fire Smoke Odor in Your Home – How to Remove

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Smoke from a wildfire can spread for miles and it contains ash particles and soot that can be damaging to your property and dangerous for your health. If you live close to the wildfires in California, it is very important to be aware of the potentially dangerous levels of smoke and what you can do to protect your home from the odor.  The following tips will help you protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of wildfire smoke, and remove residual smoke odors from your home.

What To Do After A House Fire

What To Do After A House Fire

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Everyone knows what to do in case of a fire – get out and call 911. Not everyone knows what to do after the fire is out. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for getting through the aftermath of a fire.


Wildfire Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Protected

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Wildfires in California are a yearly occurrence and they typically start out as forest fires away from populated areas caused by lightning, sparks from rock falls, or spontaneous combustion.  The size and intensity of wildfires is determined by the cause and other conditions such as dryness and combustible debris and this season the wildfires have been raging.  All over California, …

Fire Smoke

How to Get Rid of Fire Smoke Smell

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Fires cause very serious structural damage, and the byproducts of a fire like smoke and soot can burn and tarnish various surfaces and materials. After waiting through an extensive fire damage restoration process and getting your home back, the last thing you need is to return to a home with strong smoke odors. In most cases, it is best to have a professional provide deodorization services to eliminate smoke odor. However, there are some steps you can take to help get rid of the smoke smell in your home.

Hoarding Cleaning

The Advantages of an Estate Cleaning Service

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In the aftermath of a death, whether expected or not, there are many tasks that must be handled almost immediately. It seems like there isn’t enough time to do everything, and emotions are often very raw. Hiring an estate cleaning service takes some of the stress out of an already overly emotional situation. Here are a few of the advantages of hiring an estate cleaning service to handle the job and make things easier on everyone.

Hoarding Cleaning in Palo Alto CA

How to Confront Someone with Hoarding Issues

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Those who struggle with hoarding will feel like they are losing control if other people are removing items from the home. It is extremely important to approach hoarders with a sense of compassion and respect, and ensure that they have control over the cleaning process.
The following tips will help you effectively confront a hoarder and help them clean their home to restore safe and sanitary living conditions.

mold allergy

Common Triggers of Asthma: Are They in your Breathing Air?

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With Memorial Day Weekend quickly approaching, we are in the full swing of allergy season. All types of allergens are floating through the air both outside and within your home that can cause a range of allergic reactions. If you have asthma, the spring can be an especially difficult time because many common spring allergens are asthma triggers.

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4 Qualities of a Reliable Disaster Restoration Company

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Many disasters, whether natural or otherwise, do not occur with any rhyme or reason and they can happen at virtually any moment.  Very few disasters, with the exception of major storms that are tracked by meteorologists, give you fair warning to prepare and prevent damage.  Your basement may flood overnight from a burst pipe or leak, and a fire can …

flooded homes

Am I in a Flood Zone?

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Knowing whether you’re in a hazardous flood zone or not will help you determine how likely you are to experience flood damage to your home or business and what kind of flood insurance coverage you need. The more information you have, the better prepared you’re going to be in the unfortunate event of a disaster.