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Laundry Room Inspection to Prevent Flooding – ServiceMaster Video Tips

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It pays to check around your home regularly to look for water leaks, and the laundry room should be one of the first places on the list. Washing machines use lots of water and are usually left unsupervised, so leaks and drips may go undetected until they make a big mess. Here are a few things to keep in mind during a laundry room inspection.

  • Be sure you know how to turn off the water to your house in case of a major water line break or other emergency. The main shutoff valve is usually located in front of your house, near the street. The best time to locate it is before an emergency occurs. Be sure you know how to turn it off and have the right wrench to do so.
  • Check the hoses behind the washing machine. Make sure they’re connected properly and in good condition. Hoses can be easily replaced; most home improvement stores carry them.
  • With the machine running, check the hoses for leaks. Water can come out of tiny cracks that you can’t find just by looking at the hose. Check around the bottom of the machine and make sure it’s not leaking. A drain pan will catch small drips and leaks.
  • If you have a front loading machine, check the seal around the door and the auto lock, if the machine has one. These machines use a great deal of water, so it’s important to check them often, to catch a leaky seal before it can cause a big problem.

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Professional Flood Cleanup Services and Cost

If you experience a flood at your home or business in San Francisco, CA or the surrounding towns in the Bay area, call the experts at ServiceMaster DDR. We use only the most advanced water extraction and drying equipment in the industry to remove excess water and dry the affected area quickly, before mold can grow. We’ll also dry carpets, furniture and other items that may be affected.

Cleanup costs vary, depending on the amount of standing water in the building, how much damage was done and if mold is present.