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The damage caused by a natural disaster in a home or building can generally be taken care of with restoration services unless there has been significant structural damage.  In these cases, your home or building must be stabilized immediately and repaired with construction services to return it to its previous state.  ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery provides full construction services as part of the disaster restoration to clean up and repair homes and businesses in Santa Clara, CA that have sustained severe structural damage in a disaster.  Our construction crew consists of trained professionals that can handle all aspects of a reconstruction project so you do not have to call two different service providers to take care of the restoration and reconstruction.

Construction Services - Santa Clara, CA

Construction Services – Santa Clara, CA

Common disasters such as fires, storms, accidents, and even indoor flooding can result in structural damage that threatens the integrity of a home or building.  Dealing with this type of damage can have you feeling helpless, but calling us is a very important first step.  We will immediately dispatch a team of technicians to stabilize and secure your home or building which will protect it from further damage and exposure to the elements.  Our technicians will not only form a complete construction plan to repair the damage but also explain the process to you to help ease your mind and continue to answer your questions throughout the process.  The construction project will be managed and implemented by a project manager and our crew of carpenters, subcontractors, and handymen will fully repair the damage.

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You can expect the following from our construction services in Santa Clara, CA:

  • Complete general contracting services
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses
  • Full remodeling
  • Consultation and design
  • Custom woodwork and carpentry
  • Architectural reports and blueprints
  • Repair or replacement of damaged roofs
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Painting and staining

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Heavily damaged homes and buildings must be secured as quickly as possible to avoid more serious damage and protect it from the weather and vandalism.  If your home or business in Santa Clara, CA has sustained severe structural damage, do not hesitate to call ServiceMaster DRR to stabilize the building and begin the reconstruction process.  We are available 24 hours a day at (800) 439-8833 for emergency construction services.

Construction Services - Santa Clara, CA

Construction Services – Santa Clara, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Services

Cleanup in construction involves several tasks, which may include:

  1. Removing Debris
  2. Dust and Dirt Removal
  3. Waste Disposal
  4. Sweeping and Vacuuming
  5. Cleaning Fixtures
  6. Final Touches
  7. Safety Measures
  8. Environmental Considerations

In the event of significant damage to your residence or structure, ensuring its stability and safety to avert additional harm or potential hazards becomes paramount. Our skilled experts at ServiceMaster are prepared to swiftly stabilize extensively impaired residences and business establishments within the San Francisco Bay Area. Moreover, we offer comprehensive construction services aimed at restoring these properties to their initial state.

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Review by Jude S.

Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Floods and roof holes from broken tree limbs.. one call and they were here in one hour and 20 minutes and I’m in San Gregorio/ La Honda area
Kudos to a great team”

Review by Alanna Z.

Disaster Restoration
Rating 5

“Steve and his crew are committed to excellence and made every effort to make sure my estate condo extreme clean-up and recovery process was complete and to my satisfaction. They handled everything including an inventory and sale of items with respect, care and professional expertise and courtesy. They are a business you can trust and rely on. Simply the Best!”