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Did you know the difference between Mold and Mildew?

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Mold is a type of fungus that produces growth on various types of moist or decaying surfaces. It can grow on leather, clothing, walls, ceilings, and food or almost anywhere that moisture is present. It can often be identified by its color, which can range in blues, greens, blacks and reds. While some mold is harmless, some can be toxic and cause health problems in both humans and animals.

Mold on floor

Mildew is also a type of fungus that grows on moist surfaces. However, mildew is generally found in showers, bathtubs and windowsills. It can be identified by its color of gray or white. Mildew is also more distinct since it can only take on a powdery or fuzzy form. Although mildewing surfaces are not toxic, they can cause problems for people who are allergic to mold.

10 tips to prevent mold in your home

  1. Eliminate clutterServiceMaster Mold Remediation
  2. Control indoor climate
  3. Shut windows and doors when AC is on
  4. Properly size your AC unit
  5. Monitor humidity
  6. Evaluate your AC
  7. Look for standing water
  8. Cover your crawl space
  9. Add a dehumidifier
  10. Call ServiceMaster of San Francisco/ San Mateo County

Tiny amounts of mold are in every breath you take. Only the cleanest environments, such as a sterilized hospital organ transplant room, are mold-free. A home will continue to have low levels of mold even after mold removal and mold remediation is finished. For more information on MOLD and MOLD removal visit