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ServiceMaster DRR in San Carlos, CA is ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to emergencies with the below disaster restoration and recovery services. Call us today at (800) 439-8833!
We react to disasters within 1-2 hours of your call to limit the damage and get your property back on track. We can help homes and businesses in San Carlos, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration – San Carlos, CAWater Damage Restoration – San Carlos, CA

Water damage can be caused by many different things including floods, leaking appliances, and even a failed sump pump. It happens very fast and can be costly to fix. Responding to water damage quickly will help limit the damage and prevent mold. ServiceMaster DRR provides water damage restoration in San Carlos, CA to help homes and businesses affected by water and flooding. We will remove the water and restore the damage.

Fire Restoration and Recovery Services – San Carlos, CAFire Restoration and Recovery Services – San Carlos, CA

Fires can be damaging to your home or business, but so can soot and smoke leftover after a fire as they can cause permanent damage to your property. You want to make sure you pick a professional company to do the job right. At ServiceMaster DRR, we provide fire restoration and recovery to help affected homes and businesses in San Carlos, CA. Our technicians can restore structural damage from the fire and clean up the damage caused by smoke and soot.

Trauma Crime scene-Vandalism Clean-Up – San Carlos, CATrauma/Crime scene/Vandalism Clean-Up – San Carlos, CA

It is never easy to discover a trauma scene involving a serious injury or death on your property. The scene can also be dangerous if there are biohazard materials like blood present. When this type of situation occurs, you need to call a professional to clean the scene as well as the proper authorities. ServiceMaster DRR provides trauma and crime scene/ vandalism cleaning services in San Carlos, CA to safely restore trauma scenes. When faced with a traumatic event, it is important to be treated with compassion. Our staff is highly trained in these situations and is here to help.

Hoarding & Estate Cleaning – San Carlos, CAHoarding & Estate Cleaning – San Carlos, CA

Hoarding behaviors often create dangerous conditions inside the home, which is why cleaning affected homes is urgent. However, you need to reach out to the affected individual and get them on board before any cleaning can begin. At ServiceMaster DRR, we provide hoarding and estate cleaning services in San Carlos, CA. Deciding to clean-up years of hoarding can be difficult on the hoarding individual. That is why we are here to guide them every step of the way and ensure they will keep their home clean long-term.

Commercial Recovery Services – San Carlos, CADisinfection and Cleaning Services – San Carlos, CA

Natural disasters can cause widespread damage within commercial property that results in losses for the business. The best way for businesses to limit their losses and interruptions to their operations is by calling a restoration professional immediately. ServiceMaster DRR provides Disinfection and Cleaning Services services in San Carlos, CA to help affected businesses get back on track. We will also help restore safe working conditions for your employees.

Mold Remediation – San Carlos, CAMold Remediation – San Carlos, CA

Mold is a dangerous substance that can cause damage to your property and affect your health. You need to react to mold growth immediately because it will continue to spread and make the damage worse. ServiceMaster DRR provides mold remediation in San Carlos, CA to remove mold from homes and businesses. We will ensure all mold is removed and restore the damage.

Construction Services – San Carlos, CAConstruction Services – San Carlos, CA

When the storm hits, the most worrying thing after preserving your safety is the house you live in. Rain, wind, hail, and fire can cause severe damage to the houses. In case your houses suffer from natural disaster or unwanted accidents, come to ServiceMaster DRR immediately for professional construction services for homes and businesses in San Carlos, CA.

Flood Damage Restoration – San Carlos, CAFlood Damage Restoration – San Carlos, CA

In the bay, flooding is a common phenomenon that residents are familiar with and learn to live with. Flood water is many times dirtier than normal water because it is waste water, and sewage water. You need a professional flood damage restoration to handle the toxicity of the water, technically remove the humidity and the absorption, and ordor in your house. ServiceMaster DRR has a team of highly trained flood damage restoration professionals that have over 35 years of dehumidification experience in San Carlos, CA.

Contact ServiceMaster DRRServiceMaster DRR for Professional Disaster Restoration in San Carlos, CA

You can expect the following with our disaster restoration services in San Carlos, CA:

  • We use an ultrasonic cleaning system
  • We eliminate odors with professional deodorization methods
  • We are upholstery specialists
  • We specialize in insurance claims and electronic claim processing
  • We offer structural drying
  • We do post-construction clean-up, all while using green cleaning
  • We will be on-site within 2-4 hours
  • Emergency service can be used by our clients 24/7/365
  • Pack Out/ Inventory and storage services: We have more than 156 storage vaults capacity and 28,000 square footage warehouse available to use for contents restoration and storage

You can call our professionals at ServiceMaster DRR for disaster restoration in San Carlos, CA, 24 hours a day at (415) 584-6100.