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Regardless of the amount of water involved, water damage must be handled promptly to limit the damage from spreading.  Unfortunately, if the unwanted water in your home or building contains sewage water, the situation will be more difficult to address.  Sewage water contains hazardous waste as well as harmful bacteria and toxins that can have severe effects on an individual’s health.  It is very important to maintain a safe distance from the water and contact a professional disaster restoration company to safely and properly restore the damage.

ServiceMaster DRR provides professional sewage cleaning services to homes and businesses in San Mateo, CA.  We are equipped with top quality equipment and cleaning products to safely remove the sewage and thoroughly clean and repair the damaged areas.

Sewage-Cleanup-Services-in-San-MateoEffects of Sewage Water

Sewage water can be very dangerous to try to remove without the proper equipment.  Sewage water is contaminated with hazardous waste and bacteria that can spread infection and illness.  Exposure to the standing water and excess moisture can cause building materials like carpeting and drywall to weaken, discolor, and warp.  Sewage water can also leave behind a foul odor on structural materials and furnishings.

Long term exposure to the water can lead to mold growth.  Mold can cause even more extensive damage to the structural materials if not addressed in a timely manner and will need to be removed through mold remediation services.

Professional Sewage Cleanup Services in San Mateo, CA

Our IICRC certified technicians are trained and equipped to effectively remove the sewage water and dry, decontaminate, and restore the damage to your property.  We will remove the standing water and completely dry the affected areas using advanced water extraction and drying equipment.  Then we will use powerful cleaning products to thoroughly sanitize the area and repair the damage.

Our professional sewage cleanup services include:

  • Prompt response to emergencies 24/7
  • Repairing and restoring the damaged areas
  • Water extraction and sewage removal
  • Odor removal
  • Disinfecting and cleaning the affected areas
  • Demolition of contaminated building materials
  • Biohazard cleaning, such as removing damaged debris, carpeting, content, etc.

Contact Us for Sewage Cleanup

Sewage water contains harmful bacteria and can be dangerous to remove on your own without the proper training and equipment.  Contact ServiceMaster DRR at (800) 439-8833 if your home or business in San Mateo, CA has been damaged by a sewage backup.  We can respond promptly to emergency situations 24/7.

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Review by Jason G.

Fire Damage Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“A client/friend’s house caught fire the other day and every time this happens, it is always a very traumatic experience. The devastation on their faces and their be-wilderness is a very common reaction. The feeling of loss and being lost is understandable, so it is during these occasions where I have to be there for them.

The first thing I did was to calm them down and called Servicemaster. They do mostly restoration and clean up after a fire/flood/water damage etc. They are not general contractors. They only clean up, restore, and house your personal belongings at their storage facility. They will store it there until the house is back to live able condition. Best of all……….the insurance company will pay for it.

They can usually get to a place within 3 hours of the loss. They are very efficient.”

Review by Alanna Z.

Fire Damage Restoration
Rating 5

“Steve and his crew are committed to excellence and made every effort to make sure my estate condo extreme clean-up and recovery process was complete and to my satisfaction. They handled everything including an inventory and sale of items with respect, care and professional expertise and courtesy. They are a business you can trust and rely on. Simply the Best!”