What is Fusarium Mold and Where is it Found

What is Fusarium Mold and Where is it Found

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Fusarium mold is a genus of fungi most commonly found in soil or on plants. Most species of fusarium are harmless but some have the potential to cause skin irritation, allergies, and eye infections.

Although fusarium is primarily found on plant life, it’s abundance in nature makes it a common form of mold growth in residences.

Fusarium mold can enter your home via moldy food, indoor plants, or spores carried through the air.

If the environment is just right, the spores will form colonies and visible growth on surfaces in the home. They can form on drywall, behind wallpaper, under carpeting, and elsewhere throughout the home.

When fusarium mold is left to spread, it can eat away at these structural surfaces and cause extensive damage over time. Fusarium mold can even cause respiratory issues in occupants of the building if mold abatement services are not performed in time.

If conditions are humid inside the home, or if there has been an untreated event of water damage, fusarium mold will be more likely to spread due to the increased moisture levels.

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