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A lot more has been learned about hoarding and the associated behaviors in the last several years and revelations about the disorder have led to better services to help those who are affected.  Hoarding disorder stems from more complex anxiety disorders in which an individual develops a complete inability to throw anything away, resulting in a growing hoard of collected items in the home.  This hoard can create very dangerous living conditions by restricting access to parts of the home, significantly raising the risk of a fire, and allowing mold, bacteria, and other substances to develop that can cause negative health effects.

ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery combines specialized training with a legacy of professional cleaning that spans over 60 years to provide hoarding and estate cleaning services in Sunnyvale, CA.  Our hoarding cleaning services involve a realistic and respectful approach that was recently developed by ServiceMaster Restore in collaboration with Matt Paxton.  This new approach emphasizes creating a feeling of mutual trust and respect with the individual and keeping them in control throughout the cleaning process.  We are also equipped to effectively clean and sanitize homes in the most extreme cases of hoarding.

The first step in the hoarding cleaning process is getting the affected individual to agree to have their home cleaned out.  Many that struggle with hoarding often find their situation embarrassing and will not reach out to anyone for help because of this.  A close friend or family member must intervene and help the individual understand that hoarding is not an embarrassing situation and that getting help can greatly improve their quality of living.  We work closely with the affected individuals and their families to create a cleaning plan that involves removing unwanted items followed by reorganizing, cleaning, and disinfecting the home.

Hoarder Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CAOur general hoarding and estate cleaning services include these steps:

  • Salvaging valuable items including money, jewelry, and others
  • Removal of hoarded items
  • Sorting through items to help decide what to keep and what to throw away
  • Delivering unwanted items to a non-profit organization for donations
  • Distributing certain items among family and friends
  • Help with paperwork from government agencies and attorneys

Hoarding Cleaning Process

Our new hoarding cleaning approach developed by ServiceMaster Restore and Matt Paxton involves 3 phases and emphasizes the importance of establishing a sense of trust with the individual and allowing them final say in what gets thrown away or kept.

Phase 1: Establishing Feelings of Trust and Respect

  • We try and get a full assessment of the scope of the problem before entering the home.
  • We create a cleaning plan with the help of the individual and their family that gives the individual much control over what gets kept or thrown away. At this stage, we may also refer the individual to a counseling professional if necessary.
  • A feeling of mutual trust and respect must be established before implementing the cleaning process.

Phase 2: Creation of a Cleaning Plan

  • We create a cleaning plan with the individual and their family that we follow throughout the cleaning process.
  • We will clean and sanitize the items that are kept and help reorganize the home once the unwanted items are removed.
  • We will donate, recycle, or dispose of items that the individual no longer wants and document donated items for tax purposes.

Phase 3: Post Cleaning Follow Up

  • Once the cleaning is done, we help create a plan for the individual to follow to maintain a clean home.
  • We follow up over the phone to see if the individual is following the cleaning plan and if further services are necessary, we will return to the home.
  • We keep the individual in charge through the whole cleaning process to help finish the job in a timely and efficient manner.

Hoarding behaviors can result in dangerous living conditions if left unchecked which makes it important to reach out to those that hoard so they can get the help they need.  If you have a friend or family member in Sunnyvale, CA or the surrounding area that struggles with hoarding issues, contact ServiceMaster DRR for hoarding and estate cleaning services.  Our approach establishes a feeling of trust with the individual and puts them in control of the process to help it go much smoother.  You can reach us at (800) 439-8833 to learn more about our hoarding cleaning process.

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